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February 7, 2019

Review: Child Safety Store's Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate

It’s easy (kind of?) to keep baby safe while he’s brewing inside of you. But what happens once he’s out and *gasp* mobile? While we’ve literally just moved into a new home (as you can maybe tell by some of the photos) we knew early on that “baby-proofing” was something we needed to keep top-of-mind.

In our new house all the bedrooms are up a flight of stairs so when Child Safety Store offered to send me safety products, a stair gate was one of the first things I thought of. We didn’t want the Mini Munesue going up or down the stairs unsupervised and potentially falling and injuring himself.

We received the CardinalGates Stairway Special Gate and while I left the installation to the guys, they said installing it was easy (though they did need to make some modifications because of the special stair posts we have). I like that it doesn’t really stand out and matches with the rest of the house. Most of the people we’ve had over so far haven’t even noticed it was there.

It’s also incredibly sturdy which my husband gave two thumbs up to, and we both appreciate the fact that it’s easy to open and close and latch with one hand. The product description says the latch system baffles toddlers, but sometimes it baffles me too. Though my friends’ baby gates also confound me so I think it’s safe to say that the problem is me and not the gate. As an added bonus it is also working to keep the puppies contained downstairs until it gets promoted to baby containment. Read more tips on the importance of a child safety gate here.

We also received a set of wall straps because I’ve seen too many news stories about tip-over deaths leading to serious injury and death. In fact, a child is killed by a falling piece of furniture in the U.S. every two weeks.

Have tips or your favorite products for keeping baby safe? Please share them in the comments below!

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