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November 13, 2018

Reyn Spooner Hawaii Food & Wine Festival 2018 Collection

Disclosure: Complimentary product was received.

The 2018 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival may be over, but you can still own a piece of the festivities thanks to Reyn Spooner's 2018 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival Collection.

I was fortunate to have received a Wine Bag, Oven Mitt, and Apron from the collection.

Also available are dresses, shirts, a cosmetic bag, shopping bag, and placemat.

The collection features the kalo plant, a fitting tribute to Hawaii Food & Wine Festival's mission of helping to achieve sustainability while supporting Hawaii's agriculture and culinary future.

A portion of the proceeds of each sale in the collection goes towards supporting culinary education and local food sustainability and educational programs.
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Visit Kona: Scandinavian Shave Ice

We couldn't leave the Big Island without having some shave ice, so we stopped at Scandinavian Shave Ice (which also serves ice cream and soft serve!) on our last day in Kona (which was sweltering!).
Cherry, Gummy Bear, Cotton Candy

Cherry, Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry

Vanilla Soft Serve

Volcano Ice Cream

If you order shave ice, you can choose up to three flavors, with toppings for an additional cost.

I couldn't resist getting the Volcano ice cream!  It was delish!

There is limited seating within the shop, but Scandinavian Shave Ice was the perfect place to beat the heat!

Scandinavian Shave Ice
75-5699 Alii Dr
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

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November 12, 2018

Ko‘olau Distillery Debuts in Windward Oahu

Inspired by the beauty of Hawai‘i and the mystical majesty of the range that bears its name, Ko‘olau Distillery in Windward O‘ahu expects to be in full production in December.

The veteran-owned craft distillery will debut in the Hawai‘i market with its flagship offering, Old Pali Road Whiskey. It is an American-style whiskey and is the only aged, amber whiskey produced on O‘ahu.

Every batch of Old Pali Road Whiskey begins with pure Hawaiian water, filtered for decades through the volcanic rock of the Ko‘olau Range before flowing into an artesian well. Locally sourced corn provides the distinctive, bourbon-style base for the mash used to create Ko‘olau’s hand-distilled whiskey, which is then blended with true, five-year-old American whiskey.

The distillery and its brands were envisioned and created by decorated combat veterans in the U.S. Marine Corps. The partners, LtCol Ian Brooks and LtCol Eric Dill, have extensive and distinguished military careers, overseas deployments and time spent stationed here on O‘ahu.

The whiskey-enthusiast friends and business partners chose Windward O‘ahu in part because they live there, but they live there because “if you spend any time on the Windward side, you realize what a special place it is. It’s different …it’s a unique place in a unique place,” said Ko‘olau Distillery co-founder Ian Brooks.

No other company on O‘ahu is producing whiskey that has been aged in wooden casks, said co-founder Eric Dill. “The science and art of whiskey-making fascinates me and there is something exceptionally gratifying about making your own.”

The craft distillery will limit production to fewer than 10,000 bottles a year to start, creating batches of eight barrels at a time. (One barrel contains 53 gallons, the equivalent of roughly 195 liters, or about 267 750-milliliter bottles.)

Old Pali Road Whiskey will soon be available at retail and at restaurants and bars around the islands, as well as via e-commerce. For local residents and visitors, distillery tours and tasting events are planned.

“You’re either part of Hawai‘i or you’re not,” Brooks said. “This is where I’m bringing in jobs, bringing things to Hawai‘i instead of just taking. We want to make a quality product that pays homage to the idea of what Hawai‘i represents. That is what we want to share with people,” he said.
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Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection DVD Giveaway

For the first time ever, bring home every episode starring Nickelodeon's most famous football head when Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection arrives on DVD November 20. Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection includes 18-discs with all 100 episodes from the show's original five season run, plus new-to-DVD bonus features and two discs that feature the original films Hey Arnold!: The Movie and Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.
For over twenty years, fans of the classic coming-of-age series have remained loyal to Arnold, the relatable kid living with his whacky grandparents in their boarding home, and his group of loveable, city-dwelling friends. With Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection, fans can relive every schoolyard shenanigan in fan-favorite episodes like "Stoop Kid" and "Downtown as Fruits;" laugh along with popular characters Helga, Gerald, Phoebe and more; and finally solve the mystery of Arnold's missing parents in the latest adventure, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. Produced by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection will be available on DVD November 20 for the suggested retail price of $50.99. 
Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection contains the following episodes:

Season One:
  • Disc One:
    • Downtown as Fruits / Eugene's Bike
    • The Little Pink Book / Field Trip
    • Arnold's Hat / Stoop Kid
    • Helga's Makeover / The Old Building
    • 6th Grade Girls / The Baseball
    • Bonus Features:
      • Hey Arnold! The Pilot
      • Original Claymation Short: Arnold Escapes from Church
      • Drawing Arnold
      • The Jungle Movie: Table Read
      • Unboxing The Original Jungle Movie Development Art
  • Disc Two:
    • Heat / Snow
    • Operation: Ruthless / The Vacant Lot
    • The List / Haunted Train
    • Mugged / Roughin' It
    • Door #16 / Arnold as Cupid
  • Disc Three:
    • Arnold's Christmas      
    • Benchwarmer / Cool Jerk
    • Das Subway / Wheezin' Ed
    • Tutoring Torvald / Gerald Comes Over
    • Spelling Bee / Pigeon Man
  • Disc Four:
    • Olga Comes Home / Sally's Comet
    • Abner Come Home / The Sewer King
    • False Alarm / World Records
    • Magic Show / 24 Hours to Live
    • Arnold's Valentine
Season Two:
  • Disc One:
    • Save the Tree / New Teacher
    • Helga's Love Potion / Gerald's Secret
    • The Big Scoop / Harold's Kitty
    • Longest Monday / Eugene's Pet
    • Monkey Business / Big Caesar
  • Disc Two:
    • Ransom / Ms. Perfect
    • Operation: Arnold's Halloween
    • Arnold Saves Sid / Hookey
    • Freeze Frame / Phoebe Cheats
    • Mud Bowl / Gerald Moves Out 
  • Disc Three:
    • The High Life / Best Friends
    • Steely Phil / Quantity Time
    • Eating Contest / Rhonda's Glasses
    • Helga's Boyfriend / Crush on Teacher
    • Hall Monitor / Harold's Bar Mitzvah 
  • Disc Four:
    • Coach Wittenberg / Four-Eyed Jack
    • Eugene Goes Bad / What's Opera, Arnold?
    • Tour De Pond / Teachers' Strike
    • Part-Time Friends / Biosquare
    • Runaway Float / Partners
Season Three:
  • Disc One:
    • Helga Blabs It All / Harold the Butcher
    • Dangerous Lumber / Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
    • Casa Paradiso / Gerald's Tonsils
    • Arnold's Room / Helga vs. Big Patty
    • Stinky Goes Hollywood / Olga Gets Engaged
    • Curly Snaps / Pre-Teen Scream 
  • Disc Two:
    • Grandpa's Birthday / Road Trip
    • Sid's Revenge / Roller Coaster
    • The Aptitude Test / Oskar Gets a Job
    • Arnold Betrays Iggy / Helga and The Nanny
    • Career Day / Hey Harold!
    • Best Man / Cool Party
  • Disc Three:
    • Arnold & Lila / Grand Prix
    • Arnold's Thanksgiving
    • Helga's Show / The Flood
    • Phoebe Takes the Fall / The Pig War
    • Crabby Author / Rich Kid
    • Girl Trouble / School Dance
    • School Play
Season Four:
  • Disc One:
    • Full Moon / Student Teacher
    • Big Gino / Jamie O. In Love
    • Eugene's Birthday / Stinky's Pumpkin
    • The Beeper Queen / Oskar Can't Read?
    • Dinner for Four / Phoebe Skips
    • Helga's Parrot / Chocolate Turtles
    • Love and Cheese / Weighing Harold
    • Back to School / Egg Story
  • Disc Two:
    • It Girl / Deconstructing Arnold
    • Grudge Match / Polishing Rhonda
    • Weird Cousin / Baby Oskar
    • Grandpa's Sister / Synchronized Swimming
    • Helga Sleepwalks / Fighting Families
    • Headless Cabbie / Friday The 13th
    • Veterans Day
    • Helga on the Couch
    • Dino Checks Out
Season Five:
  • Disc One:
    • Monkeyman! / Buses, Bikes, and Subways
    • Helga's Masquerade / Mr. Green Runs
    • Sid The Vampire Slayer / Big Sis
    • Bag of Money / Principal Simmons
    • New Bully on the Block / Phoebe Breaks a Leg
    • Parents Day
    • Helga's Locket / Sid and Germs
    • Suspended / Ernie in Love
  • Disc Two:
    • Summer Love
    • Stuck in a Tree / The Helga Short / Rhonda Goes Broke
    • Beaned / Old Iron Man
    • Arnold Visits Arnie / Chocolate Boy
    • Harold vs. Patty / Rich Guy
    • April Fool's Day
    • Gerald's Game / Fishing Trip
    • Married 
  • Disc Three:
    • On the Lam / Family Man
    • The Racing Mule / Curly's Girl
    • The Journal (Parts 1 & 2)
    • Timberly Loves Arnold / Eugene! Eugene!
    • Ghost Bride / Gerald vs. Jamie O.
    • A Day in the Life of a Classroom / Big Bob's Crisis
    • Phoebe's Little Problem / Grandpa's Packard
Hey Arnold! - The Movies
  • Disc One:
    • Hey Arnold!: The Movie
  • Disc Two:
    • Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie

Win: One lucky winner will receive a copy of Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection on DVD!
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    Good luck!

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Visit Kona: Kona Potato Chips

We had some time to kill while we waited for the Manago Hotel Restaurant to open for lunch, and fortunately, Kona Potato Chips is located just steps away, so we went there to look for omiyage.

At the shop you'll find more than just kettle-cooked chips. 

You'll find crack seed, gummies, cookies, jerky, and so much more!

We bought bags of the popular Furikake Kona Potato Chips and Ugly Cookies (featuring Kona Potato Chips), in addition to gummies and gigantic shrimp chips that the kids chose.  

Definitely stop by Kona Potato Chips for a great selection of snacks!

Kona Potato Chips
82-6155 Mamalahoa Hwy
Captain Cook, HI 96704
(808) 323-3785
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November 10, 2018

The Outrigger Resorts Rainbow Classic through November 11

Last night I attended my very first University of Hawaii Basketball game!  I was fortunate to have been invited to watch the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors against the Portland Pilots during the 2018 Outrigger Resorts Rainbow Classic.

Prior to the game, I enjoyed some food and drink at the Ed Wong Hospitality Suite, where guests got to hear Head Coach Eran Ganot speak.

It was a great night - and Hawaii won by a score of 82 to 64!

The Outrigger Resorts Rainbow Classic continues tonight and tomorrow.  You can purchase tickets here.
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November 9, 2018

Tips for Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour - Hawaii Concertgoers

Last night my friends and I attended the first night of Bruno Mars’ #24kmagicworldtour in Hawaii. The concert was awesome (Bruno started at 9:12pm and ended just before 11pm; Charlie Wilson, the opening act, was great too). The entire night pre- and post-concert seemed a bit chaotic, however, but hopefully by Saturday’s & Sunday’s concerts there will be more organization. Thankfully, from what I could tell, most people treated others with respect, and everyone had a great time.

Here are a few tips for future concertgoers:

1) Do not park at Aiea Elementary. Getting to the pedestrian bridge after the concert was awful. Getting out of the Aiea El parking lot was even more awful. Find a park & shuttle if you can. Or if you choose to park at the stadium, park away from the pedestrian bridge & as close to an exit as possible.

2) Get in line as soon as you arrive at the stadium, and if you notice a faster moving line, it’s probably the one you want to move to.  The security check process was quick, but some lines merged with others, causing them to move very slowly.  No outside food / drink is allowed inside the stadium, but consider bringing food / drink for while you wait in line to get in (we were in line for nearly an hour)

3) If you plan to drink, you need to get a wristband ahead of time from one of the numerous ID check stations. If you don’t have one when you’re ordering a drink, you’ll be asked to go get one.

4) Get your food / drink early. Buy as many drinks, pizzas, etc. as you think you'll need.  Have some people in your party stand in line for drinks, others for food.  By 630p one pizza station already ran out. One cocktail station had already run out of Mai Tais by 700p.  Note - most vendors accept cash only.

5) Bring a disposable poncho in case of rain. We felt a few drops, but fortunately no heavy rain.

6) Dress for warm weather. Even though the concert is at night, waiting in lines (for security, food, restrooms), and being amongst 30000+ people made it very, very hot. Bring a portable / collapsible fan if you wish.  If you tend to get cold, bring a light jacket.  But you'll most likely be dancing the night away, working up a sweat!

7) Have patience, aloha, and lots of fun!!! Bruno Mars was amazing!
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