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August 4, 2020

Visit Big Island: Kipuka Pu`u Huluhulu

A couple of years ago, @melissa808, @crysmy, and @yumiozaki and I went to Kipuka Pu`u Huluhulu to hike.

We had a very difficult time finding out where the beginning of the trail was, and I ended up falling at one point.

I recently went back, and I noticed there are now trail maps!  I'm not sure if we just completely missed them, or they ran out of maps, but it would've been very helpful, as I found out there is a back way up the hill that is a lot less steep. 

We did look up the trail online, but we still got confused! 

The trail map also offers a guide to the plants and birds you may see there.

It's a fairly easy hike, and definitely much easier if you can find the trail map!

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Visit Hilo: Miyo's Restaurant

A friend of mine had been raving about Miyo's Restaurant's Sesame Chicken, so we ordered it, along with some other menu items, for takeout one evening.
Miso Soup

Sesame Chicken


Broiled Saba + Cold Tofu

Deep Fried Oysters
The Sesame Chicken was tasty, but it was lukewarm, and it seemed like there wasn't enough sauce.  The entire combo plate (Sesame Chicken + Sashimi) was $21.  That seemed quite pricey.

We also did not get any dressing for the salads that accompanied each plate, which my friend said was the best part of the salad.

It was definitely on the higher side price-wise than what I would've expected ($15 for the Deep Fried Oysters, $17 for the Saba + Tofu).

The food was good, but perhaps dine-in offers a much better experience.

Miyo's Restaurant
564 Hinano St
Hilo, HI 96720
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August 3, 2020

Rushing to Judgment

Social media often times results in people making lots of assumptions and judgments.  A single post does not accurately reflect an event or a person's life.  I won't deny that I may make some assumptions myself based on social media posts, but I always keep in mind that I never know what a person's life truly is like.

Most people carefully curate their feeds.  I mostly post food on my Instagram.  I don't post my messy house, the struggles of parenting, my cooking fails.  Not because I'm ashamed of any of that, but I simply choose not to, and those who truly know me know that I suck at cooking or I struggle with distance learning - I'm not afraid to share that.

People have varying levels of comfort.  If people choose to go out - whether to dine in to support a local business, get together with family to celebrate a birthday at relative's house, or go to the beach - that is their choice.  I feel that as long as they do not flout the rules, we should let them be.

But to criticize people for their choices based on a single photo is harmful.

Yes, masks are very critical.  There is talk of asymptomatic spread.  Social distancing is important.  But to bring shame to people who genuinely have good intentions is not necessary.

A single photo can tell a story, but it may not capture the full story, or even the real story.  And everyone can have their own interpretation.

And just because no photo was ever posted, it doesn't mean a situation or occurrence didn't happen.

There are countless people who recklessly gather in large groups without masks or social distancing.  You may not have seen a photo of it on social media, but it doesn't mean such gatherings are not happening. 

Yes - there are selfish people who willingly put others in harms way.

But don't try to hurt a restaurant that remains open and tries to implement strict protocols to save their business and keep people employed, or shame someone who posts on social media who simply is trying to support a business.

This new way of living is exactly that - new.  We are all adjusting and learning.  It's difficult for us all.  For some it's easier to adapt to than others.  I would like to believe that most of us are trying and have good intentions. 

If you don't like what you see on social media, unfollow that person or business or don't give that person or business any support - financial or otherwise.  There is no need to target people unnecessarily. 

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Kula Shave Ice

Kula Shave Ice began in Hilo, Hawaii and now has a mobile trailer location parked next to Farm to Barn in Haleiwa.  Their syrups are handcrafted with only fresh organic fruit, organic cane sugar or raw honey.  Their ice is made from purified alkaline water and shaved super fine.  They also serve up cold brew coffee and lattes. 

We made it about half an hour before closing and there was a constant line to attest to Kula Shave Ice’s popularity.  I got a regular Kula Rainbow without vanilla ice cream because they were sold out.  The flavors were blueberry, strawberry, and mango.  I also opted for a snow cap (condensed milk) and homemade mochi.  The shave ice was delicious and I especially loved the organic blueberry syrup.  The mochi was super yummy too.  I laughed when I saw that my daughter and I both saved a piece of mochi for our last bite. We will definitely be back. 

Kula Shave Ice North Shore
66-320 Kamehameha Highway
Open Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

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Oxtail Soup

When my former co-workers and I would go out for lunch, we’d often find ourselves at an airport hotel buffet, primarily because they had the best Oxtail Soup! I never had any desire to try, but the way my co-workers ate it up, I was sometimes tempted.

Chef Brian, with whom I work with, loves oxtail soup, and after telling him I never tried oxtail soup, he made me some!

It was incredibly tasty, and I would’ve been happy with just the broth, veggies, and rice, but the meat just made it really hearty.

Where is your favorite place to get oxtail soup?
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Support Local Businesses


Small businesses across the board are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Hawaii's small businesses are getting hit especially hard since much of Hawaii's economy as a whole is largely dependent on tourism, which is virtually flat because of government restrictions on incoming visitors (i.e. 14 day mandatory quarantine).  Therefore, it is up to us to support our local businesses by buying their products or ordering a meal from them.  Here's a list of my favorite local businesses that I have been supporting during this pandemic:

 J & S Lumpia Spot

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July 31, 2020

The Power of Social Media

If you're on social media, I'm sure you've seen many "Instagram Challenges" lately. 

I never participate in them.  Primarily because it's just not my thing, but also because for many challenges, most people are unaware of the real purpose or the true origination of the challenge.  They hop on the bandwagon, albeit with good intentions. 

Although I was "nominated" many times for the most recent #ChallengeAccepted chain, the real context of the challenge was never explained.  And that is okay, because I'm sure the people who nominated me did not have the challenge explained to them properly either.  

A very good friend of mine asked me what the challenge was all about, and I had no idea, so I had to search online for answers.  

It's like memes - so many people grab screenshots or photos of others, and turn them into memes, not realizing there are real people behind the memes.  They have real feelings, and such memes could do a lot of harm.  A recent local meme has been floating around inaccurately portraying a local business that I've been to many times before.  

It has been shared many, many times, and someone in the photo had to speak out and explain the situation to prevent further cyber bullying.   

Social media can be a powerful vessel - igniting change, and bringing awareness, but it can also be a dangerous one, especially when spreading misinformation. 
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