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April 28, 2016


Today's consumers love to have it their way, which is why "build your own" dining concepts are sprouting up everywhere.  The newest "build your own" eatery to hit Oahu is Pieology, a California-based pizza chain that let's you build your own pizza from "the crust up".  It recently opened in Aina Haina Shopping Center, and it's a huge hit.

Creating your own custom pizza is an easy 5 step process:
1) Choose your crust
2) Choose your sauce
3) Choose your cheese and meats
4) Choose your toppings
5) Add an After Bake 

The best part is that everything from the sauce to the after bakes are UNLIMITED in quantity.  Want extra sauce? Ask for it! Want more cheese? Ask for it! They tend to go conservative, so you need to speak up if you want more than what they put on there.  

At Pieology, their 11.5" personal pizzas are artisan style, so the crust is thin and crispy. That being said, you may want to think twice about loading up your pizza, because the thin crust can only hold so much. I saw a few people eating their pizza with a fork and knife because their pizza fell apart from being too top-heavy.

To those with special dietary needs pay close attention - they have a killer gluten-free crust ($2 additional charge) and dairy-free cheese!

On my first visit, here's what I created:
Custom Pizza $10.95
I asked for the house red sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, chicken, pepperoni, bacon, onions, spinach, sun dried tomatoes. 

For my boys, I ordered one of Pieology's "Easy Cheesy" pizzas.
Pieologist's Easy Cheesy $8.95

On my second visit, I decided to split my pizza with the boys, so I had them put red sauce/mozzarella/Parmesan on one half, and pesto/chicken/bacon/tomatoes/onions/mushrooms/spinach on the other half.  This worked out great for the three of us.  

Custom built pizza $10.95

During peak meal times the line to order is long, but it moves along nicely and you'll be glad you waited, once you sink your teeth in your custom built pizza. 

Custom pizzas are $10.95 (+$2 for gluten-free crust). 

They also have salads (custom built or signature) and beer on tap. 

Visit their website, join their Eclub, and you'll get a coupon for a free order of cinnamon strips or herb butter strips w/purchase of any pizza or full sized salad!

Pieology Pizzeria
820 West Hind Drive
Hours: Monday - Thursday 11AM-9:30PM; Friday & Saturday 11AM-10:30PM; Sunday 11AM-9PM

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