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December 28, 2023

Visit London: Pizza Pilgrims

Our dinner at Pizza Pilgrims started out hopeful, but it turned out to be the most disappointing experience of our trip to London.  NOTE: We did notify management of the issues stated below simply for awareness, not wanting or expecting anything, and they did advise the following:  "We are committed to addressing the issues you encountered and will take all necessary steps to ensure such lapses in service do not happen in the future.

We understand that you do not reside in the country and, unfortunately we won’t be able to make it up. However, I am genuinely sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you."

We decided to dine there after a lengthy search of nearby, family-friendly restaurants.  

It was very crowded when we arrived just before 7pm, and the very friendly servers told us they'd get our family of 5 to a table as soon as they could.

As soon as a table opened a few minutes later, the servers quickly sat us down, and we gave our order shortly thereafter.

Our server didn't write anything down, but he did repeat what we had ordered - the drinks, the crust dippers, the two pizzas, and the two appetizers.

About 10 minutes later, our drinks arrived, and 15 minutes after that, our pizzas and crust dippers, but no appetizers.

Truffle, Garlic & Herb, Pesto


The Americana is a Napoli classic, topped with hot dogs and French fries.  It was an interesting pizza!

Double Pepperoni & Hot Honey

The Double Pepperoni Pizza with Hot Honey was really good.  It had slight heat, and a nice char to the crust.

Do you notice anything unusual about the pizzas?  Well, unusual to us who live in the US, at least . . . they were not sliced!  You are served the pizzas whole, and you can eat it with a knife and fork or cut it into 4 big slices.

However, we had no silverware (or napkins!).  We told our server, and he went to get a pizza cutter and proceeded to slice the pizza into 6 slices at our table on the plate, holding the pizza crusts with his bare hands for stability.

After our server left the table, we still didn't get any napkins or knives or forks, and had to flag down another server for them.

Also, we never got our order of Cacio e Pepe Balls or Garlic Flatbread, despite notifying another nearby server upon getting our pizzas, and then again notifying our server after finishing our pizzas.  Our server eventually came back to our table and apologized and said they were so busy that the kitchen didn't make the dishes, but they will be out soon.  

Thirty minutes later and no appetizers in sight, we went to look for our server, and asked for the check.  

He took off the appetizers since we never got them.

Perhaps the server forgot to place the order of the apps since he didn't write anything down?  Maybe the kitchen didn't get the ticket?

What bugged me most was the server cutting the pizzas at our table using his bare hands to hold on to the crust.  

Again, the servers were friendly, and the drinks and food were good, but there were just too many mishaps for a single dining experience.

Thank you to management for acknowledging our concerns. 

Pizza Pilgrims
82 Lower Marsh
London SE1 7AB, United Kingdom

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