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September 21, 2021

Zippy's: The SPAM® Musubi Cake

Thank you to our sponsor for the complimentary certificate to use towards today's food purchases.

It's SPAMTEMBER this month at Zippy's.  In addition to SPAM® - themed retail items such as t-shirts, cooler bags, towels, and food items,  Zippy's featured a SPAM® Musubi Cake which was available only on Oahu, and on only 4 days in September: 9/4, 9/5, 9/18 and 9/19.  They told us that "limited quantities will be available", but no one knew how "limited" these cakes were. After an unsucessful attempt to get one on 9/18, I was the first customer at the door on the morning of 9/19. as it was the last day of the promotion, and I was determined to get one of these cakes!  When they unlocked the door and I made my way to the cashier, I felt like I had just won the megabucks! And in case you were wondering, they did only have three cakes to sell, and the two ladies behind me each purchased the two other cakes that were up for grabs.  

The cake was of decent size - it fit the Zippy's bakery box just perfectly (they must have planned this when they did they R&D on this cake).  

It was pretty heavy, due to the thick layer of buttercream frosting (I suspect it's fondant), and the layer of Rice Krispies Treats on the top which looks like a thick piece of SPAM®!

It's an adorable cake, ideal for Hawaii where the SPAM® Musubi is like the unofficial state mascot. 

And not is it visually appealing, it was delicious! The vanilla cake was very moist and the strawberry filling complimented the vanilla cake perfectly.  

Would I line up before dawn to buy this cake again? Absolutely! I am hoping that Zippy's will bring this cake back again (or a variation) as I thought it was a delicious and priced reasonably at $21.95.  I also hope that they will make more cakes available next time around, and limit the cakes to one per customer, so that more people have a chance at getting their hands on these limited edition cakes!

On a side note, since I was at Zippy's before the crack of dawn to get the SPAM® Musubi Cake, I bought some pastries for breakfast. 

Apple Napple, Chocolate Center-Filled,
Banana Walnut Coffee Cake Square

The Apple Napple and Chocolate Center-Filled donuts are regular items at the bakery, but the Banana Walnut Coffee Cake Square is one of the monthly specials and only available for a limited time (through October 3, 2021).  I am a fan of Zippy's coffee cake squares because they're always moist and light. They go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.  

To see what else is on special in September, or to place an online order, go to zippys.com.

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