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March 15, 2021

Reign: The Final Battle Royale Review

 Disclosure: Complimentary product was provided for review purposes.

About Reign: The Final Battle Royale (from PlayMonster)
Which player will be left standing as the victor?!
Four factions of warriors battle to survive on a doomed land that will be destroyed piece by piece, taking its occupants with it. You must strategize to survive—by fleeing, fighting or sacrificing your weakest members—whatever you must do to be the last one left standing when the land around you has been annihilated. For 2 to 4 players.

Reign turned out to be a really fun game that our family has been playing over and over again.  

Each person is responsible for a faction of warriors, and the last one standing wins.  But in order to win, warriors must face other warriors and make it to the center of the land before the pieces of it disappear for good.
Set up is easy, and what I really like about this game is that it encourages kids to strategize and think ahead.  Players have to determine if they will go for the center of the board, capture and use power stones, or battle other warriors on each turn.  They have to do all of this while being cognizant of the different areas of the board that will be "destroyed," what other warriors they will encounter, and how many power stones are still left in play.

Math is also involved in terms of battles (each warrior is allotted a certain number of points), and the use of an event tracker (players calculate how many moves they can make to get their warriors safely to a piece of land).

Although a lot of pieces are involved, assembly is actually a cinch, and Reign is quite an easy game to play and follow.

My kids' favorite part of Reign is going into battle.  They especially like it when a less-skilled warrior beats a more highly-skilled warrior.  

My littlest loved the game so much, he ended up drawing all of the warriors!

You can find Reign at various retailers online and at PlayMonster.

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