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January 7, 2021


I've had to travel to neighbor islands during the pandemic, and each time I do, I wear my sunglasses all throughout the airport and even on the airplane.  I've read articles that it's important to protect your eyes from possible virus particles, so even though it may look silly for me to be wearing sunglasses, I would rather stay protected (I've noticed, however, that lots of people do wear sunglasses on the plane).

Back in October, I saw a post by @aimknc for Stoggles.  These "stylish goggles" offered protection for those who don't wear glasses.  They seemed ideal for work, travel, or going to the grocery store, and not only did they help protect your eyes and prevent you from rubbing and touching them, but the Stoggles also provided more coverage (since with regular glasses or sunglasses, you can still stick your fingers beneath the lens to rub your eye - I know from experience).

I ordered Stoggles through Indiegogo.  Their crowdfunding campaign had raised over a million dollars!  The Stoggles come in a variety of colors, and the standard Stoggles (which I ordered) have an anti-fog coating and blue light-blocking lenses.  

The Stoggles took a little over 2 months to arrive - and I was expecting a lengthy wait due to the immense popularity of this product.  They were in great demand!

It does not come with a protective hard case (just a plastic one that it is shipped in), but you can buy a separate foldable case.

You can also order the Stoggles with other features, such as light responsive lenses, or even order them in prescription lenses.

Visit https://wearstoggles.com/ for more information. 

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