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December 4, 2019

Pups of War Fun For All Ages!

Disclosure:  Discount was received for review purposes.  All opinions are entirely my own.

My son having the time of his 9 year old life!

My son received his first nerf gun when he was 2 while we were staycationing in Kona and had foolishly made a stop at Target.  Since then, his grandparents have gifted him a new model for every birthday, Christmas, and just because it’s Wednesday.  As you can imagine, his nerf gun collection could arm the entire neighborhood.  Our house is littered with those foam darts and balls which I have resolved to ignore, but I admit I will lose it every once in a while when a stray bullet lands in our most unreachable light fixture.  Not. Fun.

So thank goodness for Pups of War, Hawaii's first and premier dedicated Nerf, Rival, and Gotcha Arena!  Thanks to the geniuses behind Pups of War, my son has a safe 4,000 square feet to battle it out with other kids and shoot to his heart’s content.  The padded arena is filled with structures and play areas that players can explore or hide in while they either refill their nerf guns with unlimited ammo or talk strategy.  Safety is a priority as all players are required to wear grip socks and safety glasses.  

Players at the Pearlridge location can come in for walk-on play as well as part of a party package.  All party packages are priced to include play for 15 players and two hours in designated party rooms which includes a refrigerator, tables, table covers, chairs, and paper goods.  Reservations for parties on weekends tend to fill fast so a week night might be a better option for your party.  

I opted for a simple birthday celebration for my son so we invited 4 of his friends for two hours of walk-on play.  What has always impressed me when checking in at Pups of War is the staff.  Each time they have been professional, extremely helpful, and patient.  The boys were super excited, but the staff member was able to get them banded and suited up with safety goggles and grip socks in no time.  One of the kids had brought his own nerf gun, but once he saw the collection Pups of War had, he quickly brought it back to me.  The kids loved being able to use the battery operated blasters in level 3 and having the option to access the level 2 Rival ball-type blasters and the level 1 basic dart-type blasters.  

Once in the arena players can roam freely, but the staff will also hold organized games like Capture the Flag.  I could safely watch from behind a net dividing the arena and the waiting area with ample comfy seating and televisions.  Before the two hours were over, 3 of the 5 kids were exhausted and in the waiting area with me drinking water.  Of course, I had to pull away my son from the arena when time was up.  He had so much fun, that he told me two hours was not enough.  This from the kid that knocked out in the car on the way home.  Pups of War has two other convenient locations in Windward Mall and Kapolei to tire your kid out too.

Choosing their weapons.
So many places to hide! 
The tombstones in the Gravyard make the perfect shield!
One of the party rooms.
Inside the “Dog Pound”
Behind the running kids is the net that keeps people in the waiting area safe from flying nerf bullets. 

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