Hawaii Mom Blog: Eyelash Yarn Lei




May 14, 2019

Eyelash Yarn Lei

With graduation season in full swing, what better way to congratulate your graduate than with handmade eyelash yarn lei? They're more popular than ever, since they are easy to make, economical, colorful, and will last forever. 

You'll need: 
  • skein of eyelash yarn
  • bubble tea straw (regular drinking straw will work too)
  • Grosgrain ribbon (3 1/2 - 4 ft in length)
  • two kukui nuts
  • pin or paper clip
  • masking tape

You can use up to three different colors/skeins - I prefer to use two (white and color).  These are commonly purchased at Ben Franklin or Long's and are usually on sale during this time of year.

Thread one end of your Grosgrain ribbon through the straw so that about an inch of the ribbon is sticking out, and tape to the straw as such:

Tie a knot on the opposite end of your ribbon about 8-12 inches from the end.

Then take one end of the yarn (if you are using two color of yarn, hold the ends of both skeins together) and tie the yarn to the bottom end of the straw:

Then start wrapping the yarn around the straw:

Keep the tension even, being careful not to wrap it too tight. 

As you get to the top end of the straw, carefully slide some of the wrapped yarn off the straw onto the ribbon, leaving some of the wrapped yarn on the straw to prevent gaps in your lei.

When you have reached your desired length (this will usually be at the end of the skein), remove the ribbon from the straw, tie the yarn to the ribbon (like how you did at the start).

Thread the kukui nut through each end of the ribbon using a pin or folded paperclip, then tie a knot in the ribbon to secure the nut.

Tie the ends of the ribbon together in a knot, then a bow, and then you're done!

I didn't time myself, but I would say it took me less than 30 minutes to make one lei. 

And it cost me about half the price of a ready-to-wear lei!


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