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August 26, 2016

SnoSpice Ice Cream Mix-Ins Review

Disclosure: Complimentary samples were provided for review purposes.

When it comes to ice cream, I have a handful of favorite flavors, including vanilla.

Vanilla ice cream is great to have on hand for soda floats, sundaes, and shakes, and it's the perfect base for SnoSpice.

About SnoSpice
SnoSpice blends contain spices, herbs, and nothing else - not even sugar! Each is designed to play on the sweetness already present in milk to make ice cream much more flavorful without anything sweet.
It's no secret that I love ice cream, so the thought of being able to eat different flavors of ice cream simply by sprinkling and mixing in different SnoSpices into vanilla ice cream was very intriguing.

I was fortunate to receive samples of 4 different flavors - Deep Chocolate Sea Salt, Cinnamon for Optimists, Pumpkin Carriage, and Lemon + Basil.

I went straight for the Deep Chocolate Sea Salt (Dark Chocolate (cocoa processed with alkali and sea salt) spice mix first.  To use SnoSpice, all you do is shake the spice mix onto ice cream...

then stir it in!

You can even sprinkle more of the mix on top!
I enjoyed the chocolate flavor, but it was very subtle.  I figured I would need to sprinkle a lot more of the spice mix next time.

Before trying the Cinnamon for Optimists (Korintje Cinnamon, Cardamom), I initially thought "Why not just sprinkle on the cinnamon I have in the pantry?"  But the cinnamon used in this spice mix is different than the cinnamon most people (including myself) use - it has a more vibrant (kick) to it. 
The ice cream was yummy, and I decided to sandwich the ice cream between cookies for a cool treat, which my kids loved!

Pumpkin Carriage (Pumpkin, Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Allspice) smelled absolutely amazing.  All I could think of was pumpkin pie!

It was such a delightful ice cream - perfect for the fall season!
Pumpkin Carriage
My favorite SnoSpice, to my huge surprise, was Lemon + Basil (Basil, Lemon Juice Powder).  A combo of lemon and basil is something I'd expect on pasta or chicken, but in ice cream?  I was shocked at how delicious it was!  The SnoSpice made the vanilla ice cream taste that much more refreshing!
Lemon + Basil
SnoSpice offers two more flavors - Cocoa Cayenne and Turmeric'd, and all of the flavors contain no sugars or preservatives.

You also don't need to use vanilla ice cream - you can really use any flavor you want (although vanilla is recommended).  In fact, a variety of flavors of ice cream plus SnoSpice would equal one awesome ice cream social!

Imagine all of the different flavors you could easily create!

Personally, I love the fact that I don't need to find room for several cartons of different flavors of ice cream.  All I need is one carton of vanilla ice cream, and whether I'm in the mood for chocolate or pumpkin ice cream, I just need to grab some SnoSpice and sprinkle, stir, and savor!

You can purchase SnoSpice on Amazon.com.

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