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April 12, 2016

Visit Whistler: Ziptrek Ecotours TreeTrek Canopy Walk Tour

One of my favorite activities that our family participated in while in Whistler was the Ziptrek Ecotours TreeTrek Canopy Walk Tour.

After checking in at the Ziptrek Ecotours desk inside the Carleton Lodge in Whistler Village, our family soon met our tour guide, Camila, and we, along with another family, hopped into a van that took us on a short ride to the entrance of the tour.

Starting our tour
During the 90-minute tour, we traversed 9 bridges through the temperate Canadian rainforest, and stood on platforms amongst towering Douglas Firs, Cedars, and Hemlocks.

One of several suspension bridges
Walking the bridge
To get an up close look at the majestic trees was truly inspiring, and Camila was such a wealth of information.
Looking up at the towering trees
To see and feel the trees - most of which are hundreds of years old, was quite an experience.                                   .

Not only did we learn about the different types of trees and their varying characteristics, but we also learned about what happens to trees that have fallen over, the type of soil found in the Canadian rainforest, and where bears like to hibernate in the rainforest.
A nurse log
So many shades of green!
Being in the middle of the rainforest was simply spectacular!
Gorgeous views!
And it was really neat to watch zipliners fly by (Ziptrek offers a variety of ziplining tours!).

We also walked along some ground trails.  It was a little scary walking down icy paths, thinking my kids could fall down the hill if they weren't careful, but a rope is present at most parts if assistance is needed, and Camila made sure we all walked slowly and carefully.

Icy ground trail (some areas have ropes to hang on to)
At the end of the tour, we came across what seemed like a path of never-ending snow. My kids had so much fun making snowballs and just running through the snow!

Throughout the tour I was really intrigued with not only what Camila told us about the rainforest, but also what she told us about Ziptrek Ecotours' commitment to sustainability and the environment.   

For instance, the numerous bridges and decks are made with local red cedar, and Ziptrek plants hundreds of trees to replace those that they have used.

Platform decks made with local red cedar
I also thought it was very impressive that Ziptrek produces all the power on their own for the lights strung on the suspension bridges.

They really do a lot when it comes to conserving our environment, putting a lot of thought and consideration into every aspect of the tour.

The Ziptrek Ecotours Tree Trek Canopy Walk is great for all ages.  My older two kids would cross the bridges and navigate through the rainforest with no problems (or fear). My youngest (he was four years old at the time), on the other hand, was a little more tentative while crossing the bridges, always holding my or my husband's hand.

Camila was a wonderful tour guide.  Her enthusiasm really made the tour enjoyable. 

The Ziptrek Ecotours' TreeTrek Canopy Walk Tour was not only a fun adventure, but it was an educational one too.  To see first-hand the beautiful trees in the amazing rainforest and to learn about how each one of us can make a difference in conserving our environment was truly inspiring.

For more information on the types of tours Ziptrek Ecotours offers, click here, or call 1 604-935-0001,

Thank you to the sponsor for hosting our tour. Gratuity was paid on our own.

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