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February 5, 2016

Cafe Lani at Ala Moana Center

I had some time to kill so I decided to have a very early dinner at Ala Moana. I knew if I stopped in Magnolia Bakery Cafe, I would have pancakes for dinner so I decided to dine at the new Café Lani. I had a feeling dining there solo would be a bad idea. It's just more fun to share food with others especially at a place with all you can eat bread and giant parfaits.

Not to mention, you might stand out a little more and get noticed by your server. I was seated at the long communal table, kitty corner to another single enjoying a gigantic berry parfait that I could not stop staring at. She was also having the chicken salad. I wanted to order her exact meal, but couldn't because I didn't want to look like a stalker or inspire an awkward conversation. Pressing on, I looked over the menu and decided on the Fedelini with gorgonzola and prosciutto.

It might have been about 7-10 minutes and no one had checked on me yet and no one had offered me any bread and it was getting harder to be patient and fair by the minute. I finally flagged a server down and asked for water. She said she would let my server know that I was ready. After he took my order, I asked about the bread and he told me that the AYCE bread doesn't come with every order. You need to order an entrée and they know when to offer the bread when your plate of 4 condiments is served. Okay, that makes sense. Less irritated.

As I am waiting for my pasta, I expected to be served some bread now that my condiment plate has been set out, but the bread person still passed me by. Ugh. I'm definitely bringing my loud noisy children next time so I get noticed.  Anyway, I really love the décor and ambience of the restaurant. The restaurant is beautiful and the kitchen staff looks like they are having a good time so that was really fun. I would be having fun too if I had some bread in my mouth. 

My fedelini arrives and I ask for bread. It's just coming out of the oven so I start on my pasta. It's absolutely delicious! The pasta is cooked perfectly and the gorgonzola pairs so nicely with the prosciutto. Yum! I would definitely order that again. My bread has arrived and I select the raisin roll and the orange loaf. The server suggests the croissant and the corn roll saying they are very popular.

As I take a look at the croissant that is lightly glazed, I am still on the fence about Café Lani. I take a bite and like magic, all my irritations melt away. The croissant is amazing and I would eat 8 if I didn't know how many calories were in a croissant. It's so good, I had a hard time putting it down. I also really enjoyed the sugar Danish and the raisin roll...and the orange loaf...and the corn roll.

Once my order was taken, service was excellent. I look forward to coming back to Café Lani but at least with one other person so I can enjoy more bread and pasta, siphon coffee, and a huge parfait. Great addition to Ala Moana Shopping Center!

Located next door to Longs and is open daily from 6:30am to 10pm.

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