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October 6, 2015

SPAM Musubi Recipe

Despite SPAM's popularity in Hawaii, I don't eat a lot of SPAM or make a lot of SPAM dishes, so when I was assigned SPAM Musubi for my son's soccer team, I was kind of in a panic.  I've only made it twice before - years and years ago, so I wanted to do a test batch before my assigned snack day.

I know - how can a Hawaii Mom not know how to make SPAM Musubi, especially when it's such a popular staple at potlucks, picnics, and kids' games?

Well, I know people usually make it with a shoyu/sugar/mirin sauce, but I remember a former co-worker once bringing in SPAM Musubi made with Halm's Hawaiian Bar-B-Que Sauce and it was absolutely delish, so I decided that would be easy enough.

I simply sliced a can of SPAM into 12 pieces, dipped them in the Halm's, and pan-fried for about 2-3 minutes on each side, watching them carefully so they don't burn in the BBQ sauce.

Then came the assembly. 

I cut up Roasted Seaweed sheets into fourths.

Place the seaweed on a flat work surface, then take a SPAM Musubi mold (you can also use the SPAM can or your hands) and place it in the center of the seaweed.  Place a slice of SPAM on the bottom, then some rice, and firmly press through the mold.  Wrap seaweed around the rice/SPAM (using some water to seal, if necessary), and that's it!

Some people like to add furikake, put the SPAM in the middle of two layers of rice, and/or completely wrap the musubi in seaweed.

I loved the Halm's Bar-B-Que Sauce on the SPAM Musubi, and so did the kiddos.

But I really hope I never get assigned SPAM Musubi again!

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