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April 8, 2014

Visit Portland: Enchanted Forest

About an hour away from Portland is a forest - the Enchanted Forest, and it is here that my kids exclaimed they had many of their most memorable experiences during our trip to Oregon.

Highlights of Our Hosted Visit
We started our visit to Enchanted Forest through the Castle and onto Storybook Lane.  My kids enjoyed all sorts of fun and imaginative experiences on Storybook Lane, like walking through the Crooked Man's House, going down the Rabbit Hole from Alice in Wonderland, and entering a witch's mouth to slide down a slide.

Witch Slide
After our journey through Storybook Lane the kids went on many rides.
The Kiddy Rides, which included the Frog Hopper, Kiddy Ferris Wheel, Kiddy Bumper Boats, and Kiddy Train, were a hit.  They rode them all numerous times!

Frog Hopper
Kiddy Ferris Wheel
My middle son and I had a chance to ride the Log Ride.  I think it's awesome that Enchanted Forest offers ponchos for use, because that 40-foot drop at the end of the ride will result in a gigantic splash.  There's also a great observation deck area so visitors can watch the riders and take photos of their loved ones (Enchanted Forest also offers photos for sale).

Log Ride
Our entire family was able to ride on the Challenge of Mondor together, on which we were equipped with laser guns to shoot at various targets to rack up points.

Challenge of Mondor
Ice Mountain was another ride our entire family was able to go on together.  It's just 2 1/2 minutes long, but there are plenty of drops and quick turns to excite even the biggest kids (yes, I was screaming quite a bit).
Ice Mountain
Surprisingly, my kids really wanted to go to the Haunted House.  It was a bit scary and sometimes hard to see which direction to walk, but my kids thought it was fun, and they actually went through the Haunted House again later!

Haunted House
In addition to other towns and villages with charming displays, there's also a beautiful Fantasy Fountains water and light show, a Pan for Treasure area, Bumper Cars, a Comedy Theater, and more!
Fantasy Fountains

Bumper Cars

On site is Jolly Roger's Inn (where the Fantasy Fountains show is located), Mary's Coffee Cottage, as well as Gretel's Inn.

We ended up purchasing lunch from Gretel's Inn.
Chili Bowl with Cheese and Onions

Nacho Cheese Fries

Chicken Nuggets

Corn Dog
The food at Enchanted Forest really hit the spot, and the food very reasonably-priced.  For 2 corn dogs, 8 pieces of chicken nuggets, a chili bowl, and cheese fries, we paid just over $12!
Our Experience Visiting with a Special-Needs Child
My oldest son has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and although I know kids on the spectrum all behave and react differently in various environments, I always try to share our personal experience when visiting attractions.

Upon arrival we made sure to give my son an Enchanted Forest map since he loves maps.  As we made our way through the various attractions and rides, it was very obvious that he loved going through tunnels and on slides, and fortunately there were many at Enchanted Forest.

He was initially very apprehensive about going on any rides, but slowly he mustered up enough courage to go on all the rides, with the exception of the Log Ride (although he loves water play, he has sensory issues with rain, and getting splashed at the end of the ride made him anxious).

The one place he kept asking to go back to was the Shoe Slide.  Whenever he started to get anxious, I'd ask him what he wanted to do, and he'd always reply "shoe slide." 

He must've gone down the shoe slide at least 30 times the entire day.

The look of sheer joy on his face each time he came down the slide and went back up to the top to go down again is something I will never forget. 
In addition to letting him go back to the shoe slide during times of anxiety, we also would take rest or snack breaks whenever necessary.  Fortunately there were numerous benches around Enchanted Forest, and there were even a few spots that were quiet if it seemed as if he was getting overstimulated (e.g. Long John's Lookout).

Lines for the rides were sometimes long, but the wait was usually no more than 15 minutes on average, so he was able to manage waiting in line fairly well. 

Overall he had a fantastic time, and it was very encouraging to watch him ride on various rides and be so ecstatic about the shoe slide.

Final Thoughts
I am so glad we had a chance to go to Enchanted Forest.  The drive from Portland was totally worth it.  We were there all day, and if they were open throughout the night I'm sure we would've stayed all night as well.

My kids did not want to leave, and neither did I.

From top left clockwise: Kiddy Train, Kiddy Bumper Boats, Shoe Slide, Castle 

Although the number of rides may be small compared to other theme parks, they were exactly the kinds of rides that the kids enjoyed.

The entire experience of Enchanted Forest was truly memorable, and the staff members were all so friendly and enthusiastic, only adding to the positive experience.

The smiles on my kids' faces as they rode on the rides and the looks of wonder as they walked through the attractions are moments I will never forget.
Enchanted Forest
8462 Enchanted Way SE
Turner, OR 97392
(503) 363-3060

Click here for admission prices; click here for hours.  Free parking.

Thank you to Enchanted Forest for hosting our visit.

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