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April 13, 2023

Visit New Orleans: JAMNOLA

Instagrammable, immersive attractions have been poppining up all over the world, and it popped up in 2020 in New Orleans with JAMNOLA.

Celebrating the Joy, Art, & Music of New Orleans, Louisiana, JAMNOLA takes you through 17 engaging and interactive exhibits highlighting this amazing city.

We were given sponsored admission to experience JAMNOLA, and I was really eager for our visit.  The tours are timed, and we happened to have the last time slot of the day, and it was imperative we get there on time.   We ended up nearly an hour early, and we were able to get squeezed in on an earlier tour due to a no-show, so that was very helpful.  

The tour starts off with a tour guide for the first couple of exhibits.  One of them included Feather Forest by Julianne Lagniappe.  We stepped into a whimsical wonderland of feathers and other art pieces made with recyclable materials.

We then watched a short video about the history of Mardi Gras, and proceeded to walk through more exhibits.

Art made with Coffee Filters!

NOLA Nostalgia by Breanna Thompson was a fantastical exhibit that included crystal-like formations and video memories.

Joy of Crawfish offered larger than life Crawfish in fun scenes, beckoning visitors to join in on the fun.  The exhibit included "Flavor Paper" - digital wallpaper by Jon Sherman.

And the Bead Goes On by Chad Smith had a retro, groovy vibe, with more Flavor Paper by Jon Sherman.

My favorite exhibit was Spirit Trees, by MILAGROS Collective, which had a Wall of Intentions, where visitors could write notes of hope on post-its and stick them on the wall to become part of the exhibit.

The Spirit Trees themselves were colorful and creative, and the integration of the post-it notes, which seamlessly fill into the pattern of the walls, was such a nice touch.  

Another favorite was the Garden of Legends, where city legends and garden elements were intertwined in fabulous sculptures.  

There were all sorts of fun photo ops, costumes to don, and props to pose with throughout JAMNOLA.  There was even a really neat "Sound Wall" which emitted sounds just by running your hands over a large disc.

I thought JAMNOLA was a great way to learn about local artists, experience the different types of art and the choice of media used, as well as learn about important figures in New Orleans who impacted the city through their music, artwork, and community involvement.

You can take your time at JAMNOLA to take photos or examine the different works of art, and you'll definitely leave with a better sense of New Orleans culture.

2832 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70117

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