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October 7, 2022

Volotea Airlines

During my trip through Europe, it was interesting to see how other airlines operate.  We flew from Sardinia to Rome on Volotea Airlines, and I was eager to observe operations, especially being a frequent traveler, as well as a former airline employee. 

The airline, based in Spain, offers very cheap flights throughout Europe, with the option to purchase perks like priority boarding, snacks, etc.

Our host purchased the "mega" benefits for us, which included priority boarding, checked bags, and a snack.

When we arrived at the airport and stood in the priority boarding line with others with priority, the agent rudely overlooked us, assuming we were not priority passengers, and instead just uninformed tourists.  He made an announcement in Italian, and passengers behind us rudely cut in front us (if roles were reversed, I would have tried to communicate with the people in front of me to see if they were indeed priority or perhaps in the wrong line).  As I listened to the agent repeat the announcement after assisting the passengers who bypassed us, I heard the word "priority," and proceeded to the counter and showed him our tickets.  

I am not really sure what the "priority" is really for, particularly for travel out of Sardinia, as once you get checked in, you end up with all the other passengers crammed onto a shuttle to take you to the plane.  

We had first row seats, and we also had a snack and drink perk.  

Not all "perks" are located in the records that the flight attendants have handy, so be sure to check your ticket and make them aware if you are entitled to a snack and drink (my friend's record didn't show he had the perk, so he had to show his boarding pass).

I opted for water and a Kit Kat.  My friend opted for water (which he got warm), and almonds (which were unsalted).  

For such a short flight, I wouldn't recommend purchasing any of the perks.

What I did appreciate is how the crew makes an announcement upon landing for everyone to remain seated, releasing them row by row.

This was a welcomed gesture, as people getting up and forcing way through the front is one of my pet peeves.

Volotea is a decent option for those on a budget. 

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