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March 10, 2022

Review: The King's Man

Disclosure: I received a code to watch digitally.

The King's Man Synopsis

Set during WWI, The King’s Man tells the exhilarating origin story of Kingsman, the world’s very first independent intelligence agency. As a collection of history’s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions across the globe, one man must race against time to stop them.

I was unfamiliar with the Kingsman franchise, so I had no preconceived notions when watching The King's Man.  

The King's Man tells how the Kingsman intelligence agency began - out of personal tragedy. Duke Orlando Oxford promised his wife, just before she succumbed to an ambush, that their son, Conrad, would never see war.  

But defending the vulnerable and fighting for what he believed in was in Conrad's blood.  As tensions escalated between countries over a decade later, and spies were abundant, it was a frantic and tragic journey to stop even more bloodshed.  But ultimately, from tragedy, grew the Kingsman. 

I found the film intriguing, although at times I did get confused about the type of movie it was supposed to be, as the tone seemed very serious because of the topic of war, but there were humorous moments interspersed, as well as some very fantastical action and battle scenes. Because it is set during World War I, I couldn't help but think of what's going on in the world today while watching it, especially all of the brave individuals who decided to step up and defend their country, and the families who have to deal with the loss and risk of loss.  

The film has a strong ensemble cast, and I'm now very interested in watching more of the Kingsman franchise.  

For Kingsman fans, the 3-film The Kingsman Collection is available digitally.  

Bonus Features*

  • The King's Man: The Great Game Begins Documentary

    • A Generation Lost – Discover how the filmmakers created a richly textured story that explores the origins of the Kingsman spy organization.

    • Oxfords and Rogues – Meet the phenomenal new cast of characters Matthew Vaughn has assembled.

    • All the World's a Stage – Delve into the meticulous world-building of THE KING’S MAN with interviews, on-location footage, artwork, and details of on-set construction and design.

    • Instruments of War – Experience the analog spy tech and early 20th century weaponry utilized in THE KING’S MAN and see a breakdown of the precise execution and evolution of the major stunts and combat in the film.

    • Fortune Favors the Bold – Join Matthew Vaughn and his team for music scoring and sound design.

    • Long Live the Kingsman – Cast and crew reveal their thoughts about their collective journey through the very special experience of making THE KING’S MAN.

  • Featurettes

    • No Man's Land – Experience the creative process behind the harrowing knife battle sequence in several stages: rehearsals, storyboards, interviews and on-set footage, culminating with the atmospheric VFX.

    • Remembrance and Finding Purpose Learn about amazing organizations such as The Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes, two U.K.-based resources for recovery, well-being and employment for military veterans. Also hear why Matthew Vaughn strongly supports their mission.

*bonus features vary by product and retailer

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