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December 4, 2020

Inter-Island Travel Testing at the Mobile Lab on Oahu

 Another inter-island work trip meant another COVID test.  This time, I decided to try the mobile lab at the airport https://www.oneoahu.org/covid19-testing since it promised a quick turn-around time, and the price was rather reasonable ($125).

I parked in the overseas parking lot (park on the bottom floor so you can simply walk across to the terminal - it cost me $3; may cost more if you have a longer wait), and found my way to the mobile lab.

Thankfully, there was no line.  You pre-register online (walk-ups taken; there was no way to book a specific appointment time online), and there is a specific line for those who are taking a test to travel inter-island.

After verifying my information, I was directed to a station where I did the self-swab.  I actually prefer when the medical assistant does it vs me having to do it myself (it's just instinctual to want to pull the swab out).  After completing the swab, and following further instructions, I got my results in 6 hours.

Unfortunately, the time stamped on the report was 30 minutes earlier than the time I actually took the test, which ultimately would've put me outside of the 72-hour window.

Of course I knew better to not take a test outside of the 72-hour window, and the woman at registration even asks the departure time of your flight.

Despite the time stamp of my payment and a token that was generated with my actual collection time, the results time was 30 minutes out.  

I emailed the address on the report advising of the issue and attaching my documentation, and called the number listed on the report, which was for the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii.  There was no option for a "Covid Response" department, so I went through every single department and person in the directory until I reached someone.

After 30 minutes of trying, I finally got through to someone who patched me through to the lab.  The woman was very helpful and could tell I became even more distressed after saying that this was a "first" (an error in time), saying that the time is automatically generated and there was nothing they could do, but she would check with someone else.

Frustrated, I ended up changing my flight to an earlier flight, as I assumed the time would not be able to be changed.

An hour later, I got an email with an updated time.

It was too late, but I'm glad that it was corrected.

I would still go to the mobile lab for future tests.  It was easy, and the results arrived quickly.  I will just make sure to go closer within the 72 hour mark next time.

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