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October 1, 2019

Yelp Fit Club at Body Balance

It's been just about 20 years since I last took an indoor group cycling class, so when my friend invited me to be her +1 at a Yelp FitClub class at Body Balance, I was pretty excited to it out. Would the class be the same as the indoor cycling classes 20 years ago? Would my body be able to handle how that it's 20 years older?!

First, before I get into the class itself, I will tell you a little bit about Body Balance, the studio that hosted this event. It is a small, locally owned fitness studio located in Kakaako, minutes away from Ward Village.  Their classes are innovative and varied in disciplines, all geared towards giving you a full-body workout each and every time. 

Today's class was called BodyCycle, a 45 minute high-intensity cycling class.  Special indoor cycling shoes are required, and were provided to us free of charge. 

At the front desk, we were given a seating chart and asked to select the bike we wanted for this workout. As with any type of class (academic or exercise), I prefer to sit in the back. 

Our instructor was Nat (cool name, right?!) and she came around to assist us with getting our shoes attached to the pedals (it's tricky if this is your first time) and making sure our bike seats and handlebars were at the appropriate height.

Then the music started and we were off on a 45+-minute ride full of sprints, hills, bursts of energetic cycling, interchanged with freewheeling downhill segments.  At times we stood up and got our butts out of the saddle for that extra burn, and even did some push ups and arm work with dumbbells that were conveniently stored under our seats. The pace is set to the rhythm of the music, which added an element of fun into this grueling, sweat-dripping workout.

What's great about Body Cycle is that YOU are in control at all times. It's YOUR ride, and Nat made sure to remind us of that at the beginning of our workout. If you want to go hard, you go hard. If you need to take a step back and slow it down, turn the knob left and ease up on the tension.  At times it got hard, but with Nat's energy, positive encouragement, and coaching throughout the ride, I never gave up, and stayed on rhythm.    

At the end of the 45 minute ride, the mirrors were foggy and everyone was drenched in sweat - a sign of a great workout!

 Thank you Yelp for organizing this awesome Yelp Fit Club event at Body Balance!

(808) 542-9597

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  1. Hey It’s Nat!!!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for being a part of that day!!! I am so glad that it was a great experience for all of you!! That’s exactly what I strive for those 45 mins to be every single class!!!!! AN EXPERIENCE!!! So much so that we forget how hard we are actually working right??

    Thanks to everyone who shared your energy with us that Sunday!! And I can’t wait to see you all back with a buddy Very soon!!



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