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December 18, 2018

An Early Christmas Miracle

Every mom’s story starts the moment she sees the two lines form on a stick on a bathroom sink. And ours was no different.

It was a Saturday and to the day, the earliest you could even get a positive reading. So one line was faint and despite my terrible history for reading instructions on packages I had read somewhere else that even a faint line meant a positive result.

I had thought of the many different ways I would tell Todd if and when we ever got pregnant. But as someone with a very low tolerance for patience, the second he walked through the door in his uniform that afternoon I blurted it out.

“I peed on a stick and there are two faint lines. I might be pregnant.”

The “good” pregnancy tests. The supposedly full-proof ones that read “pregnant” or “not pregnant” were still reading “not pregnant.” But I knew.

Of course two days later they were all reading positive so we took some photos to commemorate the occasion and that was that.

Except that in October, months after they were taken, I found out that those few informal photos we snapped were lost forever. After taking the photos I had airdropped them to Todd, afraid that someone would see them when I handed them my phone. I deleted them and thought they were safe. And they were, except from the latest iPhone upgrade when we both changed out our phones and found out they were missing weeks later. Calls to customer support were to no avail. They were gone.

Technically we could have retaken them. I could pee on another stick and we could take a picture with it. But that exact moment (errr day?) in time would never be EXACTLY replicated and I would always know it. 

But this weekend, I decided to start prepping for The Mini’s arrival and opened a folder on my laptop I created months ago. And what did I find filed in there?

The five, precious, photos.

Here's one. :) 
After at least of year of teasing Gem and asking her if I could join her blog (and her telling me I needed to have a baby to do so) I’m excited to join the Hawaii Mom Blog team. More baby, pregnancy and other adventures in mommy-hood to come!

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