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February 7, 2018

Visit Hilo: Cafe 100

I had no idea until last month that Hilo is where the Loco Moco originated.  I personally have not tried a "real" Loco Moco, and by "real," I mean rice topped with a hamburger patty, gravy, and fried egg.

I've had chicken katsu moco, fish moco, and even a veggie patty moco, but never one with a hamburger patty (since I don't eat a lot of beef).

So, on our recent trip to Hilo, the Loco Moco Capital of the World, we made sure to stop at Cafe 100, who served up 261,744 loco mocos in 2017, so I could try a Loco Moco.

Loco Moco
Bacon Moco

Portuguese Sausage Loco

Teriburger Loco

Orange Bang Slush with Ice Cream
I took a bite of my first "real" Loco Moco, and also had my very first Orange Bang (it was actually an off-menu Orange Bang Slush with Ice Cream - soooooooo good!).

I ordered a Bacon Moco with Fried Rice and Scrambled Egg.  I know - far from a true Loco Moco, but it was so delicious, especially with all of that gravy!  I ate the entire thing, and it filled me up for the entire day.

So much food for a very reasonable price!

Cafe 100 teamed up with Hilo-based Maebo Noodle Factory to offer the One-Ton Chip Chocolate Cookies.  Sold exclusively at Cafe 100, these cookies have a nice crunch, and is both salty and sweet.  Delicious!

We met with Rick from Cafe 100, who not only gave us the low-down on the Loco Moco and Cafe 100's history, but he really emphasized how Cafe 100 strives to serve the community with more than just food, but with partnerships that benefit the entire town (e.g. a percentage of sales of monthly Loco Moco specials go towards various organizations; the collaboration with Maebo Noodle Factory, etc.).

On your next visit to Hilo, aka the Loco Moco Capital of the World, visit Cafe 100 for a delicious Loco Moco (and don't forget to ask for the secret Orange Bang Slush with Ice Cream!).

Cafe 100
969 Kilauea Ave
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 935-8683

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