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March 30, 2017

Visit Tokyo: Tokyo Trick Art Museum

One of the coolest places we visited while in Tokyo was the Tokyo Trick Art Museum at DECKS Tokyo Beach in Odaiba.

Tokyo Trick Art Museum exhibits a variety of Trick Art (aka 3D Art) produced by SD Corporation, the originators of Trick Art.

The artwork in this museum creates optical illusions in such a way that when you take a photo next to it, it appears as if you are a part of a 3-dimensional exhibit.

There are also exhibits that change depending on the angle, as was evident with the very first exhibit upon entering the Tokyo Trick Art Museum.

The woman on the right looks slender, but when you walk up to her, she is actually very wide - it's all an illusion!

The lady looks slim, but when you take a closer look, she is actually very wide
The use of angles, lights, shadows, colors, and other techniques make each exhibit unique and engaging.

Balancing act!
To really get the most out of each illusion, you have to take photos at just the right angle. You also need someone willing to do creative, and sometimes silly poses. My kids were reluctant at first to take photos in such a manner, but they soon began to enjoy themselves, and would make faces and position themselves in ways so the photos looked realistic.

Whether it was pretending to peer through an ajar door, being trapped in glass, or surviving a shark attack, the boys had a lot of fun immersing themselves in each exhibit.
What's inside the door?

The boys captured in a glass!
Shark attack!
Some photos also require you to rotate the resulting image to end up with the desired effect.

For instance, in the below ninja photo, the painting is actually upside down at the museum, and the customer lies on the floor to pose.

To get the final effect, you simply have to rotate the photo.

Becoming a ninja!
At each exhibit there are instructions advising guests how to pose and how the final image should look like.
Feeding penguins
Sometimes we had difficulty getting the kids to pose correctly, or taking the photos at the correct angle, but it was still so much fun to stop at each exhibit and get creative.
Watch out!

Who is really bigger?

Ta da! Where did the other half of his body go?

Making sure the bowl doesn't fall

Feeding the giraffe

Making a mess!
Tokyo Trick Art Museum encourages guests to touch, play, and interact with each exhibit (while being respectful) to get the most out of their experience.

We saw so many guests, both young and old, doing all sorts of poses and faces.  It was neat to see how imaginative everyone could be!

In Tokyo Trick Art Museum there is also a puzzle area, where guests try to solve a few optical illusions, and also a shop that sells a variety of souvenirs (and there's also one last illusion you can experience before you exit).

Which man is biggest?

There are many exhibits in the Tokyo Trick Art Museum involving animals, monsters, people, and even ghosts, all beckoning guests to become a part of each work of art.

I was really impressed with Tokyo Trick Art Museum and all of the illusions.

Tokyo Trick Art Museum is great fun for the entire family!

Tokyo Trick Art Museum
DECKS Tokyo Beach
Japan, 〒135-0091 Tokyo
港区Daiba, 1−6−1 デックス東京ビーチアイランドモール
+81 3-3599-5191
Mahalo to Tokyo Trick Art Museum for hosting our admission.


  1. Love this! So much fun! My kids would love it!

    1. Your kids would probably be much more creative =).


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