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March 22, 2017

Honolulu Cookie Company's 2017 Fruit Collection

When people think of tropical fruits, guava and lilikoi often come to mind, so it makes sense that Honolulu Cookie Company would introduce guava and lilikoi to its line of shortbread cookies!

According to a press release, '"guavas, an island favorite in jams and jellies, are nutritional powerhouses that pack a bold, flavorful punch. These small super fruits provide four times the Vitamin C of an orange and are rich in fiber. Naturally cholesterol-free, guavas contain less sugar than apples, oranges, and grapes, making them a smart alternative to other fruits. Guavas are also known for their skin-care benefits, helping to tone and tighten loose skin, as well as boosting brain health in the form of Vitamins B3 and B6...Lilikoi, the Hawaiian name for passion fruit, is a large, bright yellow berry that grows on vines alongside beautiful, fragrant flowers. Its sweet and tangy flavors are prized in jams, syrups, and butters, and the fruit itself is low in calories and bursting with antioxidants including Vitamins A and C. The juicy pulp, combined with the fruit’s crunchy, edible seeds, contain an incredible 25 grams of fiber and is known to reduce anxiety, treat insomnia, and promote intestinal health."

A lovely Guava Tin, which was designed to resemble that of the sliced fruit, offers a seven-piece assortment of Guava, Dark Chocolate Guava, and White Chocolate Guava shortbread cookies in Honolulu Cookie Company's signature pineapple shape.  

I was fortunate to receive a Hawaii Fruit Crate gift box, which contained 2 Mango Macadamia, 2 Pineapple Macadamia, 2 Lilikoi, 2 Coconut, and 3 Guava cookies.

I love Honolulu Cookie Company's shortbread.  My faves are usually the chocolate-dipped varieties, but I really enjoyed the Guava and Lilikoi flavors.

The sweet essence of each fruit really shone through the cookies, and I loved the little morsel of fruit in each cookie.  They were both yummy, but I love guava (cake, bread, etc.), so the guava shortbread was my favorite.

I often buy Honolulu Cookie Company's shortbread cookies for gifts and omiyage, and I know the new flavors and packaging will be a hit when I buy them for our friends and relatives on the mainland!

For more information, visit HonoluluCookie.com.

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