Hawaii Mom Blog: Microblading: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and Me.




December 1, 2016

Microblading: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and Me.

Before microblading and immediately after.  Photos by Yumiko's Permanent Makeup Studio.

Eyebrows.  They can really make or break your face.  They are the frame for your eyes which most people notice only second to your smile.  I was not blessed with nice eyebrows and I've always been self conscious about it.  When I finally started to fill in my sparse brows during my college years, it took a long awkward looking phase to get the hang of it.  Then, I went through a much too thin look (unfortunately documented by wedding pictures).  Twelve years and 2 kids later, I have mastered the art, but still have the occasional bad day.  Yet, with no makeup, my brows are still barely visible.   

I've thought about getting my eyebrows tattooed for as long as I can remember, but was just too scared to have something done to my face.  I also wanted them to look very natural and I'm glad I waited because microblading was a perfect option for me.  Microblading is a process where hair like strokes are created by tiny needles to create the desired brow shape.

I was referred to Yumiko's Permanent Makeup Studio by a friend that loved her brows.  The entire process took 2 hours and included consultation, choosing the color and design of the eyebrows, application of numbing cream (25-30 minutes), tattooing, and after care instructions.  It's important to be aware of the pre-care instructions like not drinking any alcohol the previous 24 hours.

Yumiko is super professional and immediately made me feel at ease.  I totally trusted her.  I spoke to her about what I wanted and she took photos of my face before and after she drew in my eyebrows.  She adjusted for inconsistencies in the balance of my face.  It might be helpful for you to show her a picture of the look you are going for, but it's not necessary. 

After we agreed on the shape, she applied the numbing cream and we discussed post care instructions as we waited for the cream to take effect.  She also custom mixed the color I wanted.  Then, the tattooing began.  I didn't know what to expect, but I just kept thinking: "Please don't hurt, please don't hurt."  And for the most part it didn't.  It was a little sore when she was working on the brow bones, but it didn't make my eyes water or anything.  The creepiest part was the scratching sound the needles make on your skin.  I suggest listening to music if that will bother you. 

She took some after photos, I paid, and was on my way back to work.  Even though I knew my eyebrows would look MUCH darker and thicker for the first 3 days due to oxidation and swelling, it still took me by surprise.  The rest of the day I felt depressed because I thought the design was just too dark and too thick.  I was regretting that I did it.  I felt better when Yumiko posted my before and after photos and I was reminded of the pretty shape I had immediately after.  I felt even better when my friend texted to check on me and told me not to worry. 

Days 2-4 I was still hiding from the world because it looked like I had 2 dark hot stamps over my eyes.  My family kept telling me I looked crazy.  By day 5, I could apply makeup so I tried to soften the look.  To my surprise, two of my coworkers loved it and my brows inspired them to make an appointment as well.  That night, the darker outer color finished peeling and my brows looked softer and thinner.  Day six had me loving my brows.  That was some emotional roller coaster ride!!

Microblading is meant to create a no make up look so some people opt to do microblading and a shading combo so that their brows are ready to go.  Either way, there is an initial session and a touch up session within 6 months.  Remember, everyone is different and depending on their skin type and after care the results will vary.  Generally, the tattoos last 1-3 years. 

Check out Yumiko's website and on IG @yumikospermanentmakeupstudio  She will begin taking appointments for March 2017 today!  In 2017, her fees are $350 for the 1st session and $100 for the follow up within 6 months. 


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