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January 22, 2015

Traveling to Phoenix on Hawaiian Airlines

Last month we traveled to Phoenix and back on Hawaiian Airlines, our favorite airline to fly. 

From Honolulu to Phoenix, service was great at the airport as well as on the plane.

It was a very bumpy ride for the first hour or so - the bumpiest ride I've ever been on.  Meal service was delayed - rightfully so - for the safety of all passengers and crew members.  Fortunately, the turbulence eventually died down, and we were served Teriyaki Chicken with Steamed Rice, Broccoli, and Carrots.

The chicken was lacking flavor, but overall it was a satisfying meal.

The rest of the flight went smoothly, and after an on-time departure, we arrived a few minutes early in Phoenix.

Our return trip wasn't smooth either, but it wasn't because of turbulence...

To make a long story short, we experienced a 15-hour delay due to a mechanical and crew legalities.

The plane that had to get fixed

Having worked in the airline industry, I completely understood most of the reasons why our flight was delayed for so long, but no one likes to hear that a flight is delayed, and the lack of information and inconsistency of information that was eventually given to all the passengers had resulted in a bit of frustration and anxiety.

However, we all knew that it was better to arrive 15 hours late to Honolulu than not at all, and all the passengers went to eat, sleep, and do whatever necessary to help the next several hours pass.  Thankfully the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has a lot of eateries, shops, and even a museum!

Hawaiian did provide both lunch and dinner vouchers, offered snacks and drinks at the gate, and a travel credit. 

Our original plane did not get fixed in time for us to depart, but fortunately the aircraft from the inbound flight out of Honolulu would take us home. 

I must add that after the initial chaos, the agents in Phoenix were awesome.  The crew was awesome as well.  They all sympathized with us, and once the aircraft arrived everyone did whatever they could to get us out as quickly and safely as possible.  

On board we were served Fresh Fruit, Cheese and Crackers, and a Turkey Havarti Sandwich.

I only munched on the cheese and crackers.  I did try the turkey sandwich, but the bread seemed too tough to bite into.

We arrived in Honolulu shortly (and safely!) after 3am.

I know delays happen, and safety is the priority of Hawaiian Airlines.

Although the lack of information (in the beginning), and eventual inconsistency of information was frustrating, kudos to all of the staff who did what they could to make a 15-hour delay as tolerable as possible, and for ensuring we arrived in Honolulu safely.

And yes, Hawaiian Airlines is still my favorite airline to fly.

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