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October 16, 2012

Off-Island: Musical Playdate at Club Nokia

My kids love the Doodlebops, but unfortunately it's not shown on TV as often as it before.  Luckily we have a DVD that they can watch anytime, and they watched it A LOT leading up to the Musical Playdate concert at Club Nokia that we recently attended!

Get movin’ and groovin’ with your family’s favorite characters in this Musical Playdate by Koba Entertainment! 

After a well-deserved rest, the Doodlebops and Caillou are ready to hit the road once again, but this time, they are doing it together for a show unlike any other! Each performance by the Doodlebops and Caillou will take families on an exciting musical journey. With fun music and some dazzling dance moves, this interactive Musical Playdate will have the whole family on their feet! But the fun doesn’t stop there! Heeding the call of their legions of fans, rock stars (and siblings) DeeDee, Rooney, and Moe Doodlebop take the stage to sing their favorite songs, tell their zaniest jokes and show off their funkiest dance moves. They just can’t wait to “Get on the Bus” and come to your town! Growing up is not so tough, especially with a friend like Caillou! This irresistible four-year-old is always up for an adventure and this energetic live show is no exception. Caillou and friends show off their fabulous footwork as they explore all kinds of wacky movements! 

Club Nokia is a rather intimate venue, so attendance was not that large, but it seemed to be the perfect size for Musical Playdate.

We had general admission seating in the rear of the venue, which basically meant that there were no assigned seats, and we could sit anywhere in the back.  Because of the venue set up I thought we were still close enough to the stage to enjoy the show, however, because of a short wall that divided the seating areas, little kids sitting in the back had a hard time viewing the show.  Our two youngest sat on our laps to get a better view, and I saw numerous other kids either kneeling on the chairs, being carried, or sitting on grownups' laps to watch the concert.

Tickets were sold for kids to go into the pit area, so those who had tickets for the pit had a great, up-close view.

Prior to the concert starting, music was blaring and lights were flashing, allowing kids in the pit to dance and have fun while they waited for the show to start.

The concert started just 4 minutes late, and Caillou was first, who performed with Julie, his sister Rosie, and his cat Gilbert.

They performed a lot of songs, such as an ABC song and another about reading books, which the kids throughout Club Nokia sang and danced along to. (Note: I only took photos with my smartphone so they do not appear very clear.  For information on cameras at Club Nokia, click here). 

The Caillou performance was about 30 minutes long.  There was a 20 minute intermission, and then the Doodlebops appeared on stage!

The Doodlebops segment was a lot livelier and featured more songs, and DS1 just had a blast.

He kept dancing along with them during so many songs (below you can see him dancing along)!

Although the Doodlebops performers were not the regular cast, they still did an awesome job, and the kids went crazy as the Doodlebops did their Pledge and sang a lot of their popular songs, such as Let's Get Loud and Get on the Bus.

Overall the concert was very enjoyable, especially for the kids.  

I thought the 30-minute segments was just the right length for the kids, but I did think the 20-minute intermission did seem a bit too long though - perhaps 15 minutes would've been better.  I know the crew had to set up the stage for the Doodlebops, but they did that fairly quickly and I could tell kids were getting a bit restless.

Parking was in a nearby structure ($15) and there are numerous restaurants in the area to dine at before or after the show.  During the show drinks and snacks could be purchased at Club Nokia.

Everyone that we encountered that worked at Club Nokia - the ticket agent, the security staff, the ushers - were ALL very friendly.

Musical Playdate was a lot of fun for the kids, especially for the kids who were lucky enough to sit (dance) in the pit!

For upcoming events, check out the Club Nokia calendar.

Thank you to the sponsor for providing complimentary tickets for our family. All opinions are my own.

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