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July 1, 2020

Fishing Farms Hawaii

Fishing Farms Hawaii, managed by Ali'i Agriculture Farms (and formerly known as such), is a great place to introduce kids to the sport of fishing.

They have three fresh water ponds like the one pictured above, and they are all well stocked with tilapia, catfish, and grass-carp.   

Our fishing adventure started at the Fishing Shack, where we purchased our poles and bait. We rented two poles (each pole comes with 1 ball of bait) for the four of us, which was more than adequate.

After paying for our poles and bait, we selected our bamboo fishing poles, grabbed a bucket, and headed to the pond.  Hint: choose the longest poles, because that will enable you to cast your hook and bait farther out from shore, which is where the bigger fish cruise.  Also, buckets are only for those who are planning to buy fish (read the rules before taking a bucket).  If you just want to catch-and-release, do not take a bucket.

It was a short walk to the ponds. We looked for a spot that was away from other people (social distancing is in full effect!).  Since we came a little after 10 am, there were many open spots available.  Note - the best time to come is when they open at 10 am - there's plenty of parking and you have your choice of spot to fish.  

Here's the amount of bait that comes with each pole. It doesn't look like much, but it was actually a lot of bait, since the amount of bait you use is very small, like the size of a pea.

We loaded our hooks for the boys because we did not want them to get cut by the hooks. What's great about this place is that the hooks are already tied to the lines, therefore you do not need to have any background knowledge in fishing to fish here!  And if your line breaks, just return the pole to the shack and pick another pole.

It took a few minutes for the boys to catch a fish. The fish kept stealing our bait!

But once they caught one, they were all smiles!  This one was too small to eat, so we tossed it back and tried again.

This is more like it! He's a keeper!

We also kept this one.

We fished for a good two hours before we rain out of bait. We were also getting really hungry so we packed up our things and headed back to the shack.

 For the fish we caught, it was $6 per pound.

Our two fish totaled approximately one pound, so we were charged $6 for the fish.

We then ordered the fish to be cooked by the food truck next to the shack. We ordered one steamed and one fried with salt and pepper.  

Fried fish with salt and pepper

Steamed fish cilantro, ginger, green onion, shoyu and fried garlic (Chinese style)

We waited about 20 minutes for our fish to be prepared.  It was so worth the wait! Both fishes were delicious! I wish we had caught bigger fish so that we had more fish to eat. Maybe next time we'll get lucky and catch the big one!

p.s. You can also ask them to catch the fish (the fish are kept in a separate pool) - they're bigger and cost a little more per pound

The boys are already talking about wanting to go back to catch more fish!

680 Whitmore Avenue 
Wahiawa, HI 96786

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