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August 27, 2010

Crybaby Matinee at Consolidated Theaters

A few weeks ago DH and I took the boys to their first movie ever (and it was the first movie DH and I went to in over two years), and since we didn't know how well-behaved or not the boys would be, we took them to a Crybaby Matinee at Consolidated Theaters.

After checking the movie listing, we found the only "appropriate" movie for our boys was Toy Story 3 at Kahala Mall (most of the other movies playing at the Crybaby Matinee at other theaters were Rated PG-13 movies, like Salt).

According to the website, "Every Week, Consolidated Theatres presents the Crybaby Matinee! We keep the lights dimmed, the sound volume down and the movies coming. We provide a baby changing table and stroller parking for the convenience of our parents. Regular matinee admission for adults and children under 5 get in FREE!"

We arrived at the theater, and upon purchasing our tickets ($8 adult for a matinee), we were advised (warned) that it was a Crybaby Matinee movie. Since we had intended to see the Crybaby movie, of course we had no problem with it, but it's great that people are warned just in case there are those who weren't aware and may end up not enjoying the movie after discovering they're in a theater full of crying babies.

There were about 30 or so people in the theater--families with babies and toddlers, and there were families with older kids too.

We found our seats, and since we had a few minutes left until the movie started, the boys played with the iPhone to keep themselves distracted.

Although I didn't see any changing tables in the theater or a designated stroller parking area, there was plenty of room for strollers to be parked throughout the theater, and if a baby had to be changed, I'm sure the restroom would've sufficed.

The lights were indeed dimmed and the theater was not really dark as usual, and the sound was definitely not as loud as usual too.

The boys did pretty well throughout the movie. They didn't cry and for the most part they seemed to enjoy the movie and all the popcorn.

There were babies crying in the theater, but they really weren't too distracting.

There was, however, one girl who roamed around the ENTIRE movie. She would often come into our row too and she'd pat my legs, and each time, the mom just waved some food in front of her to get her to stop, but not once did the mom say "sorry" or anything.

The little girl just walked up and down the aisle and through the rows; she'd pick up stuff from the ground...and each time the mom just tried to grab her attention with a piece of food.

Other than that distraction, we all enjoyed the movie and it's great that Consolidated Theaters offers Crybaby Matinees for families with little ones.

To find showtimes and theaters, visit the Consolidated Theaters website.


  1. Behavior in the theater depends on the kid.

    Maria, age 2-1/2, kept saying she had to go to the bathroom. We went and nothing! Went back to our seats, and again the same thing! Did this throughout the movie. (Fox and the Hound)

    Lisa, age 2-1/2, on the other hand, sat enthralled throughout the movie, not once going to the restroom. (Superman)

  2. I didn't know they did that. How cool. :)

  3. So glad to hear about this. We haven't taken our kids to the movies yet because we think the loud volume in the theater would scare them -- this sounds perfect.


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