September 28, 2023

Visit Big Island: Big Island Coffee Roasters Cafe & Roastery

Big Island Coffee Roasters just opened up their Cafe & Roastery in Hilo, and we went to check it out!

They of course have a nice selection of coffees on the menu, but they also have non-coffee drinks, as well as some small bites.

Haimakamaka Espresso

Mamaki on Nitro

I love mamaki tea, so I opted for Mamaki on Nitro.

"Michelle Wie"

We were given an off-menu drink, the "Michelle Wie," which is a combo of the Mamaki Tea and Lemonade.  It was so refreshing and delicious - and my new go-to drink for the next visit.  

The team there is so knowledgeable and friendly, and they do more than just pour a cup of coffee - they can share how to best enjoy and prepare the coffee, and they even share the stories behind the coffees (the farmers, the history, the land).  

Visit the Big Island Coffee Roasters Cafe and Roastery for a true coffee experience!

Big Island Coffee Roasters Cafe & Roastery
HILO, HI 96720

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