September 26, 2023

Izakaya Dinner Menu at Kaimuki Shokudo


The Honey Toast at Shokudo is a must!

My friends and I enjoyed a fun izakaya dinner at Kaimuki Shokudo. The menu is mainly comprised of pupu style items with a few entree choices. Perfect for family style dinners. We ordered a variety of dishes to share and my favorites were the Mentai Mochi Cheese Spring Rolls and the Okinawan Sweet Potato salad. It would have been nice if the dinner menu also offered sushi rolls as they do for lunch. Service was friendly and great! Be on the lookout for their upcoming new fall specials!    

Shrimp and Kabocha Tempura

Hamachi Sashimi

Washugyu Beef Curry (half)

Watercress Gobo Salad

Gobo Fish Cake

Okinawan Sweet Potato Salad

Mentai Mochi Cheese Spring Roll

Ei Hire

Ikura Oroshi

Ika Karaage

Kaimuki Shokudo
1127 11th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii

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