September 28, 2020

Salt & Vinegar Wings at Foodland

I've heard so much about the Salt & Vinegar Wings at Foodland, and I finally gave them a try!

I used their Foodland to You service to pick up some groceries, as well as the Salt & Vinegar Wings and a couple of other deli items.

Salt & Vinegar Wings

I thought they were good - they were very tasty, but I still like the Fried Chicken so much more.

I've been a fan of their Fried Chicken for a while now, and I especially love the Korean Chicken!

Korean Chicken

Potato Wedges
And of course, I love the huge Potato Wedges!

I love that Foodland has expanded their grab-and-go type food offerings, but the Fried Chicken and Potato Wedges are two of my faves!

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