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October 23, 2017

Sakura Terrace Brings Back Popular Osechi Sets

Osechi Ryori is an integral part of a New Year’s Day celebratory custom for many local families with Japanese ancestry. After all, many have been raised knowing there are certain culinary rituals that must be met on the first day of the new year; when multigenerational families and friends gather, the Osechi Ryori, or “good fortune food” presented is a visual and palatable treat for all.

This year, Sakura Terrace will have a limited number of osechi sets available for pre-order and for dining-in. The take-out order ($320 for four servings) is limited to 100 sets and is sure to sell out as quickly as it did last year. The beautiful, two-tiered bento set comes wrapped in a special cloth and will include the following menu items:

First Tier: Kazugo Tai (Red Sea Bream) grilled; steamed Kona Abalone steak; Grilled Lobster in Sakura Sauce; Grilled King Crab; Tsukiji Tazukuri (candied sardines) from Tsukiji; roasted duck; kanburi yuanyaki (Japanese Amberjack, grilled Yuan-style); Homemade komochi konbu (herring roe on konbu); Yawata Gobo (burdock root); Sakura Yokan (cherry blossom-flavored jellied dessert); Homemade kuromame (sweet black bean); Chorogi (Chinese artichoke); Homemade Kuri Kinton (candied chestnut with sweet potato); Datemaki (sweet rolled omelette); Ikura (salmon roe); Mentai Daikon (paperthin daikon wrapped Mentaiko roe).

Second Tier:  Nishime; Ume Ninjin (ume carrot); sweet & sour Sakura Ebi (dried shrimp); Beef Yawatamaki (beef wrapped daikon and gobo); Sudako (pickled tako); Hakata no hito (sweet potato cake); Yu Atama Ebi (shrimp); Su Renkon (pickled lotus root); Charsiu; Chicken Namba; Kohaku Namasu; Yamagoobo (pickled burdock root); Tsukiji Satsuma Age (fried fish cake from Tsukiji); Matsukaze Yaki (chicken loaf); Ohitashi (Japanese spinach salad); Atsuyaki Tamago (omelette) with Tokujo Surimi (fishcake).

Pre-orders for Osechi are now available; Sakura Terrace is offering incentives for early reservations with 10% off orders through October 31, ($288, excluding tax), and 5% off orders from November 1, through November 27 ($304, excluding tax). Orders taken from November 28, through December 15, will be at regular price ($320, excluding tax). Osechi will be available for in-store pick up on December 31, between 2:00 – 6:00 PM. It is also available for delivery within Honolulu at an additional fee.

“Our osechi has been carefully selected and prepared with gratitude towards all of our customers and their patronage this year,” says Store Manager Daisuke Arai. “The owner of Sakura Terrace has relatives at Tsukiji [Market] some we’ve taken advantage of our connections by incorporating Tsukiji-quality ingredients along with local produce for a vibrant and beautiful presentation. There’s a limitation in the number of sets we are offering so by all means, please take advantage of our special pre-order prices.”

In addition, special-made osechi menu sets ($60.20 per person) will be available at Sakura Terrace on Monday, January 1, through Wednesday, January 3 for those looking to dine-out after the long holiday. There will also be New Year’s Day exclusive specials offered in store including a New Year’s pre-fixe course menu and sushi roll (available ala carte). Reservations for these dine-in specials require notice at least two days prior. Regular menu will be offered starting Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

The dine-in Osechi course will include over 15 types of osechi ryori per order ranging from ozoni, sashimi, assorted grilled items, assorted tempura, assorted sushi (five options, and one hosomaki), and ice cream for dessert.

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