February 28, 2014

JJ French Pastry & Bistro

If you have a sweet tooth, brace yourself when you walk into JJ French Pastry & Bistro!
Top right: Lilikoi Cheesecake; middle right: Cream Puff; bottom right: Chocolate Pyramid
Although JJ French Pastry & Bistro has an extensive menu offering everything from sandwiches and pizzas to seafood and poultry, we stopped in just for desserts.

Their Chocolate Pyramid is a best-seller, and it is very indulgent and rich.

The Lilikoi Cheesecake is also a popular item, and it was very, very delicious.

The Cream Puff is a popular items for kids, and my kids did indeed enjoy it.

I definitely hope to go back soon to try out their lunch or dinner menu.

And of course I'll indulge in more desserts!

JJ French Pastry & Bistro
3447 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 739-0993

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  1. this looks beyond yummy!